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Caring for our feathered friends

Following a severe case of leaky building syndrome and general decay we were recently tasked with reconstructing this bird house. The main facade was retained but the remainder required a complete rebuild.


Once returned to the original site, it was quickly re-occupied by the previous occupants.  Their health and welfare was improved by the provision of a bird feeder – providing a steady diet of sugar water..

Four legged pests beware!

The men at the Shed have been busy helping with the eradication of pests in our reserves.  A total of 53 pest traps have been constructed for the Waipa District Council.

Craft Fair in full swing

Despite having to wrestle with the wind and a last minute change in tent accommodation, toys, turned timber bowls and many other items were in keen demand. Sales this year were at an all time high. Income finances the operation of the Menzshed and the support of various non-profit organisations.


Here a young customer is faced with a difficult decision..


The ultimate truck & trailer sets

A major double set of tractor units and trailers recently rolled out for a local play centre.  Trailers for logs, stock (double level), furniture and general cartage.  All with manual steering, tow bars front and rear - the ultimate A-team toy.

Shed a place for blokes to bond

At 132 Raeburne Street you’ll find the Menz Shed — a place for blokes of all ages and abilities to work on projects and enjoy each other’s company.


It was established in 2011 and now boasts a group of 35 members. Some men are recovering from car accidents and some are healing from illnesses. Others are retired tradesmen, farmers or academics. Members are welcome to join in a variety of projects to help schools, community groups and individuals.


There are a lot of men in the community that don’t know what to do with themselves. They can come to the Menz Shed and have a cup of tea, or work on a project.  The Menz Shed has everything to complete a project from start to finish. It has a timber workshop with a band saw, scroll saws, timber lathe, belt and conical sanders, power tools and hand tools. The newly established metal workshop has a lathe, welder and hand tools -  we can just about make anything.


There’s also a new lounge area with a kitchen, fireplace and display room — built with the help of Menz Shed members, local businesses, New Zealand Lottery Grants and local funding organisations. The Menz Shed also maintains five local gardens which grow produce to be sold or donated.


While most of the men are keen to make things, there are other valuable outcomes such as comradeship, helping with problems, talking about health issues and general good humour. Our focus is on men’s health. The Menz Shed is a safe space for men to get together and discuss

different issue we’re going through. The group is recruiting new members and hopes to plan more social activities.

Christmas Parade 2017

On December 09 the annual Christmas parade took to the streets of Te Awamutu. Over 50 Floats made up our annual Christmas Parade. Businesses, Churches, Clubs and Schools joined in.



Mainly Multiples float  - made by the Shed..

Adding to the parade was “Mainly Multiples”. The MenzShed assisted by constructing their float. Mainly Multiples is a home-based childcare agency. They specialise in Multiple births and Nanny care.

The Shed Garden is prolific!

The efforts of our green fingered members are producing copious quantities of produce. 

The combination of many hours of sun and judicious watering can be seen here. 

We have some new members to the shed - a bee hive is now in residence in the garden, we are looking forward to the honey!

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